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Publicity Access

We are true public access radio
We want our stations to be more accessible to the public than any other. So, if your non-profit group is not spending money in any other media, including newspapers, posters and direct mail, we offer these five options:

1. Community Calendar - Radio

Throughout each day, we rotate announcements of upcoming community events free of charge to non-profit clubs, groups and civic organizations. It would be helpful if you follow the format shown below and submit three weeks in advance:

1. Email to or
2. Mail to Gleason Radio, 243 Main Street, Norway, ME 04268 or
3. Fax to 207-743-5913

What is the event? Example: There will be a bean supper.....
When: give day, date, time
Where: give building, street, town
Details in a few words: Example: There will be beans, hot dogs, claw slaw and more
Cost: Admission is $----- and $----- for seniors.
Who: "Sponsored by" OR "Proceeds will go to...."

2. Community Calendar - Website

You can also have your events added to our website. Simply go to the website and click on "Events" (near the top), then click on the "Add Your Event."

3. News Release

Provide similar content as above, but you should give more detail, including a contact name in case we want more info.

Email it to or Fax to 719-434-9506
Voice comments that may be used in the newscast at 207-514-7467

4. Country Corner

Seven days a week on WOXO 92.7 and 100.7, we open the airwaves between 8:30 and 9 AM so that you may call in and buy, trade, sell, announce your event, or wish someone a happy day. We've even had a marriage proposal. (Yes, she called in later and accepted).

Telephone numbers to call are from: Norway: (207) 743-7812; Rumford (207) 364-4141; Toll free (800) 386-2132

5. Invite us to become a media sponsor of your event.

With an investment of $150, we will give you $1,500 worth of advertising. Click here for more info.

We are proud to be true Publicity Access Radio



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