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Public Access Information

We are true public access radio
We want our stations to be more accessible to the public than any other. So, if your non-profit group is not spending money in any other media, including newspapers, posters and direct mail, we offer these five options:

1. Community Calendar

Throughout each day, we rotate announcements of upcoming community events free of charge to non-profit clubs, groups and civic organizations.
It would be helpful if you follow the format shown below and submit three weeks in advance:

1. Email to or
2. Mail to Gleason Radio, 243 Main Street, Norway, ME 04268 or
3. Fax to 207-743-5913

What is the event? Example: There will be a bean supper.....
When: give day, date, time
Where: give building, street, town
Details in a few words: Example: There will be beans, hot dogs, claw slaw and more
Cost: Admission is $----- and $----- for seniors.
Who: "Sponsored by" OR "Proceeds will go to...."

2. News Release

Provide similar content as above, but you should give more detail, including a contact name in case we want more info.

Email it to or Fax to 719-434-9506
Voice comments that may be used in the newscast at 207-514-7467

3. Country Corner

Seven days a week on WOXO 92.7 and 100.7, we open the airwaves between 8:30 and 9 AM so that you may call in and buy, trade, sell, announce your event, or wish someone a happy day. We've even had a marriage proposal. (Yes, she called in later and accepted).

Telephone numbers to call are from: Norway: (207) 743-7812; Rumford (207) 364-4141; Toll free (800) 386-2132

4. L-A Alerts

Sponsor a message on our e-newsletter that is emailed to over 10,000 people each weekday.
Click here to start receiving LA Alerts at no charge

Regular cost is $10/day, non profit cost is $5/day with a 10 day minimum. We recommend two sentences and we can do a link to a web page that you specify.

5. Invite us to become a media sponsor of your event.

With an investment as low as $150, we will give you $1600 worth of advertising. Click here for more info.

We are proud to be true Public Access Radio



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